Medical Exam & Drug Test Policy

In accordance with LSA R.S. 23:987,K., it is the stated policy of Guinn Construction

That Guinn Construction, LLA has a right of reimbursement from an employee or an applicant who becomes an employee, provided the employee is compensated at a rate equivalent to not less than one dollar above the existing federal minimum wage and is not a part-time or seasonal employee as defined in R.S. 23:1021, for the costs of such employee’s or applicant’s pre-employment medical examination and/or drug test, if the employee voluntarily terminates the employment relationship sooner than ninety working days after his/her first day of work or never reports to work, unless such voluntary termination is attributable to substantial change made to the employment by the employer as applied in Louisiana Employment Security Law.

An employee who, without prior approval, fails to report to work as scheduled for (5) five consecutive days shall be deemed to have voluntary terminated his/her employment by abandonment of his/her position.

In accordance with LAS R.S. 23:634,B. and the terms of the above-stated policy, I hereby agree that the costs of my pre-employment medical examination and/or drug test, not to exceed $50.00 may be withheld from my wages if I voluntarily resign within ninety working days from my first day of work.